Thursday, September 17, 2009

a little rant...

I can’t explain why they make me so angry, but every time I come across an ad or article regarding the Snuggie my blood starts to boil. This was sent to yesterday afternoon - Snuggie Fashion Show

Unless you lived under a rock last year, you must have seen the commercials for the Snuggie. Apparently using a regular blanket to keep you warm is passé or difficult. You need to have sleeves on your blanket so you can stay warm while changing the channel on the TV, answering the phone or my favorite holding your dog. (Yea right, Lucy would not sit still for that)

The Snuggie was always a joke in my group of friends and I even had a bathrobe that my husband called my snuggie. Never once did I ever say, “Ghee, I’d really like a Snuggie”… Well that did not stop my husband. For our second anniversary, he got me not one but two Snuggies. SERIOUSLY. (He has now topped our friend Chris as the worst gift giver, sorry Hun!) First of all when I opened the package they smelled like raw potatoes (WHAT?!?), second thing, the material is not soft or comforting; I’ve had airplane blankets made out of nicer material. Lastly, the thing is humongous; the sleeves are double the length of my arms seeming to defeat their purpose.

For now the Snuggies have been banished to a box in the basement, probably only making an appearance at Christmas at a Yankee Swap.

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